Five-day stay in the center depends on the accommodation


Single room 9900,00 UAH
Double room (1 accomodation) 8900,00 UAH
First-class room (1 person) 13900,00 UAH
First-class room (2 persons – 1 accomodation) 9700,00 UAH\person


It includes:

  1. Residence;
  2. Nutrition;
  3. Ultrasonic testing of the abdominal cavity;
  4. Electrocardiogram;
  5. Blood test;
  6. Biochemical blood test;
  7. Urine test; 
  8. Back and neck massage (4 massages);
  9. Quantum therapy (5 sessions); 
  10. Gymnastics; 
  11. Health-improving programme based on the method of Doctor of Medicine Svatlana Gusina. 

Сall me back

After determination of individual peculiarities one appoints the patients the cure based on exclusive nonprotein and salt free diet. The aim is to unload the liver and to activate its secretory and detoxic function and intensification of diuresis and salt excretion from renal canals.
The patients must drink slightly salinited water (content of salines – 2g/l). ”Beresovskaya” is the most suitable water, which is used during gastrointestinal, biliary system and kidneys condition. This water normalizes metabolic processes in human organism. 

The doctor also appoints a lot of herbal teas, which have anti-inflammatory, cholagogic diuretic anti-haemorrhoidal cathartic and cleansing effects. 

Choose the date and reserve the room. tel:

+38(099)295 99 11,  +38(093)553 30 05,  +38(068)599 09 09,  +38(044)251 55 85,  +38(044)251 55 86

The day before the arrival one we'll call you to confirm the settlement.

During treatment our patients also get:

  • Massotherapy (neck and lumbosacal area) 
  • Physiotherapeutic manipulations
  • Remedial exercises