123enClearing the organism from waste products is the first
and the most important step to remove all diseases 


The method supposes full step-by-step clearing of organism from waste products using naturopathic means - herb, oil and juice treatment.

Professor Svetlana Mikhaylovna Gusina is a founder of the method. There exists a medical centre which works with the methods of clearing under the guidance of her during 17 years in St. Petesburg.

Our centre is situated in a picturesque suburb of Kyiv Konche-Zaspa and in Odessa.

Five-day stationary course includes fasting days dietotherapy, irrigation of the intestines with the herbal decoction, oil and acid enterosorbtion, massage,quantum therapy, curative gymnastics, hearb tea, laboratory tests, ultrasonic and electrocardiographical testing, consultation of skilled specialists.


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