The method of cleansing the body used in the centre is scientifically substantiated and patented.It includes three successive steps.

On the first stage it goes normalization of metabolic process of the most slagged organs and systems, such as a gastrointestinal track, a liver, its bile ducts and the organs of urinary system (kidneys) are also included in the process of clearance. 
The second stage is the completion of the previous clearance of a gastrointestinal track, a liver and all urinary system. It occurs the normalization of fat metabolism, cholesterol exchange and the lymphatics, blood vessels continue to clear from atherosclerotic complications. One can observe the immune system stimulation and an improvement of body defenses. The kidneys are maximally cleared. 

The first and the second stages are 5 days round-the-clock surveillance in the centre. Before the treatment the patients are examined. The examination includes:

  • Ultrasonic testing  
  • Electrocardiogram 
  • Blood survey: blood test, biochemical test 
  • Urinalysis 

After determination of individual peculiarities one appoints the patients the cure based on exclusive nonprotein and salt free diet. The aim is to unload the liver and to activate its secretory and detoxic function and intensification of diuresis and salt excretion from renal canals. 

The patients must drink slightly salinited water (content of salines – 2g/l). ”Beresovskaya” is the most suitable water, which is used during gastrointestinal, biliary system and kidneys condition. This water normalizes metabolic processes in human organism. 

The doctor also appoints a lot of herbal teas, which have anti-inflammatory, cholagogic diuretic anti-haemorrhoidal cathartic and cleansing effects. 
Each patient gets 2-4 daily enemas on the basis of medical herbs and marine algaes. The aim of manipulation is to clear an intestine from dejection and to prepare biliary system to natural sparing clearance. 

The clearance starts from taking sulfate magnesia, then it intensifies taking apple juice which allows bile ducts in the liver be opened. It is finished after clearance of gastrointestinal track oil acid clearance of system that is by taking olive oil, squeezed fresh lemon juice (they are powerful irritants of biliary ducts). 

As a result heparic ducts and gall bladder walls contract and clearance of the liver and bile changing takes place. Thick congest bile with cholesteric calculus of different size and colour leave the body. The intestine is free from faeces stones and mucus. Slime-forming is the defense reaction of organism on redundant accumulation or the delay of final exchange products, toxins and ballast substances in the intestine. On the on hand slime absorbs heavy metals salts, radionuclides, on the other it prevents normal absorbtion and inclusion of trace substunces and vitamins in the metabolic processes as well as oxidative and reducing reactions. After clearance based on our centre’s methods slime in quantity is excluded.

During treatment our patients also get: 

  • Massotherapy (neck and lumbosacal area) 
  • Physiotherapeutic manipulations 
  • Remedial exercises 

After treatment in our centre the patient’s activity and efficiency are rising, phychological stability, mood, attention, memory and the state of health in general are improving. The weight becomes normal and chronic illnesses don’t worsen for a long period of time. Body resistance to various infections and endurance considerably rise. People who take cake of their health try to undergo a cure in our centre once 10-12-16 months. It depends on individual peculiarities, life-style, diatary pattern and its quality, habits etc.